SourceSafe Reporter 2.1

SourceSafe Reporter 2.1: SourceSafe Reporter – Create reports from your Visual SourceSafe databases. SourceSafe Reporter - Report your Visual SourceSafe databases in XML, HTML, RTF and more. SourceSafe Reporter creates reports of your Microsoft Visual SourceSafe databases. Quickly and effectively report on projects, files, permissions, checkouts and users. Report Types: Project and Files: List all the projects and files in a SourceSafe database. Choose to display: Projects, Files, File Versions, Check Outs, Shared Files, Project Versions Project

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SQLSourceSafe V3.1.008

SourceSafe? SQLSourceSafe is the right version control solution for SQL Server database development projects. SQLSourceSafe Integrates with both SQL Server and Visual SourceSafe, providing an effective and effortless SQL code version control management system for individuals and project teams to manage SQL Server database objects. It also provides a development platform for developers to work on and execute their SQL objects and scripts. With SQLSourceSafe

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Library Index 5.0

SourceSafe into MS Access or SQL Server and use this tool to search and filter for required files and revisions. Features Browse through SourceSafe library entries. View registration details and change history. Filter and search facilities. You can locate items by filename, author`s name, label or comment. Interfaces with SourceSafe shadow folder. Use this feature to provide access to SourceSafe files without the need for a SourceSafe license. Imports

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VSS Loader 5.0

This program enables the generation of detailed reports against a SourceSafe database by exporting archive history from SourceSafe and into CMDB. You can use the Library Index tool to search, browse and filter through the contents.

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No Image 1.67 will allow you to use Visual SourceSafe™ over the Internet by implementing a Web Service on the server side and a dotNet WinForms client on the client side. 1) Checkin, CheckOut, Get, and Undo CheckOut 2) Interface is similar to Microsoft`s Visual SourceSafe™ 3) Works using either http or https protocols 4) Virtually no firewalling issues. No ports to open. 5) Date and Time display relative to Client side clock

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SourceSafe Addin 1.0b10

Prevents SourceSafe from checking files in when there isn`t enough disk space left on the drive Aids documentation fo C/C++/IDL/ODL files by automatically adding/updating header information to the files if it is missing

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ABCFind 2.0

ABCFind provides a wealth of powerful find and replace features that increase VB development productivity. Integrates into the VB IDE. Provides many, easily defined, search criteria. Can search VB code on a file system or within a SourceSafe database. Search results are displayed as a list for easy navigation. Provides many advanced features found in VS .NET.

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